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The Powerfull Bi Turbo M178 Engine Mercedes produced for the 2015-17 AMG GTS is nothing short of a masterpiece, However these Engines come Severly De-Tuned form Merdedes Benz. With hundreds of hours of Dyno and Street time logged, our Team of Engineers and Tuners have developed the most robust Programming and Software avaliable for your 2015-2017 AMG GTS. Optimized for 93 octane Fuel, this ECU Calibration will drastically change the overall driving dynamics of your GTS throught the RPM range, Throttle Response, and HP/TQ curve without sacrificing Safety or drivabality.

2015-2017 AMG GTS Engine Calibration

    • Stock HP 503- Calibrated HP 640
    • Stock TQ 536- Calibrated TQ 601
    • Mail in of your ECU is REQUIRED Unless you Purchase the Handheld Programmer.
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