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Product Informaiton:


Fabtech Performance offers this Genuine OEM Mercedes Benz Conductor plate for your 722.6 Transmissiion commonly found in M113K Kompressor engine platforms. If you are getting any Fualt codes relating to Speed Sensor, or your amg is havig shifting issues, and or going into "Limp Mode" this OEM replamcnet will likely solve your issues.


Product Description:


- x1 Genuine OEM MB Conductor Plate

- x1 Genuine OEM Oil Pan Gasket

- x1 Genuine OEM Transmisison Filter

- x1 Genuine OEM Transmisison Drain bolt Washer

- x4 Quarts of Genuine OEM Mercedes Fluid

- x1 Genuine OEM Saftey lock for Dipstick

- x1 722.6 Transmisison Fluid Level Dip stick

722.6 Conductor Plate Replacement Kit

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