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Since 2015 Fabtech-Performance Has been offering these amazing C6 Z06 Carbon Fiber ZR1 Style Carbonfiber Mud Guards for your 2006-2013 C6 Z06, C6 Grand sport, or ZR1. They are constructed from 100% Prepreg Carbon fiber Tight weave material and the latest Autoclave Technology available. The carbon fiber is then sealed with industry leading 3M UV/Clearcoat, leaving you with a finished product that will last. We control this very delicate and unique process by offering Limited Productions, with extreme quality control measures. By running limited productions in phases along with 100% of the CADD design/ Mold Design, Fit and Finish done in house we are able to offer you very competitive prices for the highest quality carbon fiber accessories for your Corvette.

C6 Z06 Carbonfiber Mud Guards

  • Prodcut Includes:

    • x2 ZR1 Style Carbonfiber Mud Guards
    • x10 Install rivets
    • Instaliation Guide on our Website 


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