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Mercedes Benz Performance Packages including E55 AMG CLS55 CL55 AMG SL55 AMG S55 AMG Mercedes Tuning, Mercedes Performance, AMG
***Stock Performance: E55 AMG 469 HP @6100 RPM 516 LB-FT @ 2600-4800 RPM***

***FTP Phase 5 Modified Performance: E55 AMG  700HP @6100 RPM 750LB-FT @3600 RPM**


When you DO NOT WANT TO ACCEPT COMPROMISE We offer the Highest Quality, best Value Phased Performance Package (s) Available for your 55K AMG!

**Questions? Think you found a better Value?** Message us and we will Beat any Written Estimate you have on a similar invoice. If not we will show you why the Packages Differ. This is our PROMISE TO YOU.

FTP Phase 5 "THE ELIMINATOR" Package Includes:


  • 83MM Clutched Supercharger Pulley
  • FTP Belt Wrap System
  • FTP 5 Piece Billet Idler Pulley System
  • FTP 180MM Crank Pulley System
  • FTP V2 Dual Pass Heat Exchanger
  • FTP Aluminum Engine Bay Tank (E55&CLS55 ONLY)
  • Johnson CM30 High Flow Intercooler Pump
  • Quaife 100% Locking LSD Rear Differential
  • FTP "ALL OEM" 82MM Throttle Body Kit
  • FTP 3'' 6061 Aluminum High Flow Intake System
  • FTP V2 Fuel System
  • FTP 304 SS Longtube Headers with 3'' Midsection and Off-road Pipe
  • NGK Platnium Sparkplugs
  • M113K ECU Custom Engine Calibration
  • 722.6 Custom Transmisison Calibration
  • OBD2/USB Cable for Flashing, and Diagnostics

SL/S/CL55 Can upgrade to MBH Longtubes for an additional cost (Fabtech Longtubes only Fit E55/CLS55) if not the 304 SS Mid Length headers are provided.

If you decide to Modify your AMG in the near future we have you covered. Just notify us of your new changes and we will Remap your ECU for you, Even if you dont buy the part form us!

FTP Phase 5 Kit

  • Fabtech-Performance offers "The ELIMINATOR"  Phase 5 Package. You made it to this point for a reason.... This will Turn your AMG into an unbeatable force on the Street or at the drag strip. Easily beat Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Hellcats, BMWs, ETC with Ease! 


    Countless years of Testing various products and combonations on our own shop Car went into developing this Package that retains near stock drivabality, street mannors and Gobs of HP/TQ at your disposal.

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