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FTP Bosch EV-14 Body High Flow Injectors AMG

**SELECT M113K AMG in Checkout if it is a V8**

-Authentic Bosch Injectors x8
-Plug And play Adapter Harness for 55K AMGs x8
-11-18 OHMS
-47-55LB Flow Rate Based on Fuel Pressure
-High Impedance For Superior tuning Capabilities
-6 Nozzle Spray Pattern for The Best Atomized Fuel combustion Possible

FTP Plug&Play Bosch Injectors 55K AMG

  • Tired of Getting the Run around on the "ALL INCLUSIVE" Injectors for your 55K AMG?

    Look no further, with over 100 SETS SOLD we get very swell pricing through Bosch on these injectors, at a price that will not be beat. These Injectors are perfect if you are doing a DIY looped Rail, and you are making over 450-500 WHP. IT is proven that Stock Injectors tend to start going Static in the Higher RPM range causing Detonation issues and many more unforeseen issues. These are at the Very least a Great insurance policy If you are going to mod your 55K AMG!

    **STOP the Guessing, and Get a Pair Today!!**
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