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Fabtech Performance is proud to introduce a M113k Modular Crank Pulley that has gone through extensive development and testing. While still being a dampened pulley, overall weight is dropped from the stock 10.5 lbs to 6.5 lbs. Incorporating modular, and swappable supercharger pulley rings. This is By far one of the best pulleys you can buy for your AMG 55 vehicle.

At the heart of the crank pulley is the 3% under-driven, 6 rib harmonic damper. Utilizing the same race proven design that has been running on the M156 engines making in excess of 1000 horse power.

Unlike the stock elastomer (rubber) harmonic balancer, The wet inertial crank damper protects your engine from destructive vibrations across the RPM range. This damper consists of a high mass rotating inertia ring, inside a 6061 CNC machined and anodized housing. Internal lubricating fluid maintains stability across extreme temperature ranges and provides superior heat dissipation.

Every time your engine fires a cylinder’s combustion charge, pulses of torsional vibration are transferred into the crank shaft. These vibrations can become exponentially violent as engine rpm is increased. To dampen these destructive vibrations, the outer housing turns at engine RPM, while the inner inertia mass immediately self-centers and is free to be pulsed by each combustion event. As the inner inertia ring advances and retards itself in relation to the outer housing, the Mu (friction) force through the inertial system transforms the vibrations to heat, which rapidly dissipates through the internal fluid and housing.

Since the mass of the inertia ring is floating in the outer housing, the engine does not feel the full weight of the pulley. During acceleration RPMs, our 6.5 lb pulley only feels like 4.75 lbs to the engine.

The 6 rib harmonic damper is attached to your crank shaft with the Stressproof steel hub, incorporating optional crank pinning to protect your crank keyway in high horse power applications.

M113K Modular Crank Damper

$1,349.99 Regular Price
$1,249.99Sale Price
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