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Fabtech-Performance introduces a Complete Service pack that includes ESSENTIAL parts that need to be served/Replaced in order to keep your AMG performing at its best. It's very common to overlook these items and just add performance products. By replacing these parts you will ensure may trouble free miles ahead and save yourself costly repairs and possible catisarofic failure to engine components.

Your Spark plugs should be changed Every 50-60K miles or every 2 years, Whichever comes first.

Engine Mounts are Hydraulic and they Start to collapse as early as 40K miles form the Factory. These can cause vibrations, Shifting problems, and drivability issues.

From the Factory your 6 Rib Drive Belt pulley is Plastic, and is known to implode sending parts flying in your engine bay, and damaging belts, Pulleys and other components. By Replacing this wit our Billet aluminum pulley with upgraded High speed Nachi Bearings you ensure many trouble free miles and you don't have to worry about plastic pulley failure.

M113K Service Pack 2

$950.00 Regular Price
$919.99Sale Price
  • Fabtech-Performance Service Pack 2 Includes:

    -Billet Double Idler Pulley Set
    -Billet Supercharger Idler Pulley
    -Gates GREEN HD Drive Belt
    -Gates GREEN HD Supercharger Belt
    -NGK Iridium 1 Step colder Spark Plug Set
    -Supercharger Oil Service Kit
    -OEM Engine Mount Set
    -OEM Transmission Mount
    -Redline Super Coolant
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