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A Simple and Effective Supercharger Oil Service kit is now available for your M113K Supercharged AMG. Replacing the Supercharger oil is often overlooked, and Mercedes does not even list a service interval for this. If you are Running a smaller pulley, or just enjoy spirited driving we recommend this service every 30K miles. By changing the supercharger oil you ensure many trouble are miles, and avid damage to the internal gears that keep your Blower working at its best!

M113K Supercharger Service Kit

$50.00 Regular Price
$39.99Sale Price
  • Product Overview:

    -150ML of Mobil 1 Jet Oil II
    -150ML Syringe for easy R&R of Supercharger Oil
    -Clear Tube for suction of old oil with use of syringe
    -White Thread tape to reseal the drain/Fill pot on the Supercharger
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