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Fabtech-Performance introduces our 100% Made in the USA Stainless Steel Hardware kit for your M113K Valve Covers and Surge Tanks. Dress up the look of your engine compartment and remove the old Oxodised crusty hardware you currently have with our Stainelss steel Valve Cover hardware kit. This is a perfect add on when you are replacing your Valve Cover Gaskets and our utilizing our Powdercoated Valve Cover Service.

M113K VC/ST-SS Hardware Kit

$150.00 Regular Price
$99.99Sale Price
    • Complete Stainless Steel Hardware kit
    • NOTE: DO NOT OVER TORQUE. TQ to Factory Specs and use a dab of anti sieze on bolt thread.
    • There is a Ground Strap on the Passanger side Valve cover in the front of the engine. For this use the stainless fastener WITHOUT the rubber Coushin Gromet to ensure proper Grounding for the coils.
    • IF you have Powdercoated Valve covers- It is HIGHLY recomend to sand/Grind/clean the surface where the bolt and ground strap meet the valve cover to a bare aluminum finish to eunsre proper grounding.
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