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Unleash the true power of your new Mercedes SLS AMG!!

The new Mercedes SLS ECU mapping contains the latest technology that we reprogram through the onboard diagnostic port (OBD-II) We first read the existing software off of the car with our specialized software and hardware. Then our expert AMG tuners apply our performance and drivability changes to your existing file, and flash it back to the car! Most SLS AMG Tunes Require Shipping of the Computer, Same day Turn Around.

Our Mercedes SLS AMG ECU tune is very safe, and has been extensively road and dyno tested. The end result is more power and torque, resulting in better acceleration, better shift performance and better drivability. We also modify the SLS's timing, adjust the fuel maps, and change some of the engine management on the car to maximize the end product.

As always, we never charge for reflashes, so go ahead and add future mods or bring the car back to the dealer with the stock software for service!

Mercedes Benz SLS AMG ECU Tuning Software

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