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All of the Features of the V2 Fuel system Less the Injectors and the Plug & Play Harness's. This  Modification is Ideal if you already have high flow Bosch Injectors. Its never too late to help protect your M113K engine from premature Engine failure due to Detonation caused by Fuel starvation to cylinder #8 Caused buy flaws in the factory Fuel Rail. The Most Important Feature when considering Fuel options is Fuel Feed Relocation. Our Rail Relocates the Fuel feed to the back of the Rail for Optimal Fuel distribution to all 8 Cylinders without causing any High pressure pockets next to cylinder #8 where the Factory Fuel feed line is located.

We use only NEW OEM Mercedes Fuel Rails and do not take cores. If you try to Weld a used fuel rail you will run the risk of premature failure. The Factory Braised injector cups tend to leak when they see too much heat, Being 10 years old does not help.

V2 Fuel Rail

$899.99 Regular Price
$699.99Sale Price
  • Product Information:

    -Brand NEW OEM Mercedes Fuel Rail
    -Custom CNC Machined Fuel Relocation Fittings
    -Custom CNC Machined Factory Fuel Feed block off
    -300 PSI E85 Rated Stainless Braided AN Line
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