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FTP Introduces another Innovative Product for the 55K AMG Platform. We have Redesigned the Stage 1 Fuel System that is Based off a Simple logic from the SLR "Looped Rail". That Design is a constant Loop of fuel all around the rail instead of a "U" Shape.. Although the logic seams simple the Design is a bit more complex. We are the ONLY ONES that Relocate the Factory Fuel Feed Port to the Back of the Fuel rail for Equal Fuel Flow and Pressure to ALL 8 Injectors at all times utilizing an FTP Custom CNC Machined Fuel Relocation Fitting, and 300 PSI E85 Friendly Stainless Braided Nylon Hose.

**IF you have an M113K Engine (55K AMG ALL) This modification IS ESSENTIAL if you are going to do any engine modifications down the road.**

**The Factory Fuel Rail Is a great Design, That is for a near Stock AMG. Once you add Another 80-100 HP (Which is 1-2 Basic Mods) the Factory Injectors start to go static at High RPMS. But the Most critical Flaw is the Factory Fuel Feed line, feeding Fuel to the Rail Directly next to the Cylinder #8 Injector. By doing so it creates a High Pressure Pocket, filling the Rail from the Front to back and feeding the foremost injectors First, and #8 Last. This is where the Detonation comes from, and if its not treated Soon enough you can be looking at a $28,000.00 Engine Replacement!

Fabtech Complete V2 Fuel System

$1,550.00 Regular Price
$1,199.99Sale Price
  • Product Information:

    -New BOSCH EV14 High Impedance Injectors 550cc (Will flow more based on PSI)
    -NEW OEM Mercedes-Benz Fuel Rail
    -Custom FTP 304 SS Fittings
    -Black Anodized Custom tight Radius 90 Degree Loop Adapters
    -300 PSI E85 Friendly Stainless Braided Nylon Wrapped AN Fuel Line
    -Precision Tig Welded, and Back-purged with Argon Gas to ensure weld longevity
    -80 PSI Pressure Tested
    -Fuel Pressure Port for monitoring, or Diagnostics
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