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FTP Introduces the Wavetrac locking Rear Differential The Strongest 100% Locking Differential for your AMG. This Differential will single handedly eliminate your loose traction problems, and give you a more solid feel, and deliver power to both rear wheels equally at all times. You will notice a HUGE improvement on 1/4 ETs or just normal spirited driving. Once of the Best Modifications hands down you can do!

Wavetrac Mercedes LSD Diferencial

  • The Wavetrac LSD locking Rear differential Requires some minor modification to the Rear Diff cover to fit If you do not Dissemble it and Reinstall it in the Diff Housing. But is the strongest version available. 99% of our customers, and the Fastest E55s in the world Run this differential.

    You can opt for the V1 which is a direct bolt on to your existing Diff as well. (Same price)

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