You will recive a Confirmation Email shortly including your order and billing information.


Please Review it and make sure EVERYTHING is correct including the following:


actual items ordered and sizes/coating/options etc.

Make, Model Year


(We are not responsible if an order ships with what was specified on the Invoice, Even if the part is incorrect.)

ORder Informtaion & details

**A Tracking Number will be automoatically generated within 48 hours of your order. the Number will update and show movement once the order is in Complete Status. It will also automatically be emailed to you once your order is picked up.
** your order will be processed within 48 hours (m-f 11am-6pm EST,) and an invoice marked paid will be dispatched to the email you provided us**
**Please allow 7-14 working Days Prior to shipping for SOME Fabricated parts.**
**just like mercedes amg, we hand craft most of our items to order per your vehicle specifications, ensuring the highest qulity products avaliable for your mercedes-benz.**
**PLEASE refer to our faq page for our full warranty/and return policy info.**