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FTP Introduces a MUCH NEEDED High Stall torque converter for your 55K AMG. This Torque Converter allows you to successfully LOWER your ETs in the 1/4 Mile, and Launch your AMG harder than it ever has before, Without sacrificing any Street ability. this is the Modification to do if your trying to Squeeze that extra time out of your car at that track and you have all the Supporting performance mods!

FTP 55K AMG High Stall Torque Converter

$1,199.99 Regular Price
$1,099.99Sale Price
  • Key Features:

    -Direct Swap into your 55K AMG 722.6 Transmission
    -Higher Stall (Based on your Power Level we will build it to Spec)
    -Faster ET's
    -Less Rotational Mass on the Drivetrain
    -Stronger Lockup
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