FTP Introduces a Complete 3'' Carbonfiber Intake System for your 55K AMG. Drastically Change the way your "Beast" Takes air in by removing the Restrictive Factory air box and Intake Tubes that neck down to 1.5 Inches, and Replace your Intake system from Throttle body to Air Scoops! This intake system is our latest creation, and provides unparalled cosmedic appearance with performance.


**IN PRODUCITON Carbonfiber Induction Tubes** expected to ship October 1st. We Will ship the complete intake system less the front tubes, followed by the tubes once they are completed.

FTP Carbon Fiber Complete Intake System

Throttle Body Size:
    • K&N Lifetime Reusable/Washable Filters
    • Fabtech 5 Ply Silicone Inlet Pipe
    • Fabtech 100% Carbonfiber Intake Tubes
    • Fabtech Carbonfiber Intake Bends
    • Fabtech 4 Ply Silicone Couplers
    • Stainless Steel Mounting Hardware

    G55/S55/SL55 Carbon Fiber inlet tubes form back side of Radiator to Filters Will be Different form E55/CLS55 tubes (Pictured) as they are required for proper fitment.