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Fabtech-Performance introduces our 100% Made in the USA M113K Phenolic Supercharger Spacer Kit for your AMG. These Phenolic Spacers are constructed from the highest quality high tempature PTFE material in the marketplace. These Phenolic spacers were Cadd engineered and precision Lasert cut for perfect fitment. Phenolic spacers have been known reduce Intake air tempatures and increase HP by eliviating metal on metal contact that causes heat soak. This is a perfect modification if you are installing an 82mm throttle body, Porting your Supercharger, adding powdercoated Valve covers & surge tanks, or just looking to increase your AMGs performance, Look no further. 

Fabtech M113K Phenolic Supercharger Spacers

$150.00 Regular Price
$59.99Sale Price
    • Precision Laser Cut for Perfect fitment
    • OEM Mercedes Gaskets Included x4 PCS.
    • Easy Install
    • Perfect Modification for when you are changing or modifying your supercharger
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